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5 beds cabin

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This is a 5 to 6 Mattress bed Cabin.

5 floor Mattress are on first floor and are taken our by taking only few small steps walk up to the second floor and 1 sofa bed is on the ground floor. It is located in Poikkijärvi. The cabin comes with its own bathroom, hot water and kitchen and is suitable for 6 Adults and properly warm inside.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with essential utilities that guests can take care of their own breakfast or other meals.

On your arrival you are welcome to do your own shopping for the period you stay in cabin and after shopping we can pick you from your location in Kiruna to transfer to Cabin.

Hot water is always available and bathroom is convenient for taking shower.

Please note that, this is an Activity camp and people who book tour with us they can book accommodation. We don’t accept accommodation without doing any tour bookings.

Price Per Night: 1800SEK