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Sautusjärvi 10 Beds Cabin

This Cabin has a stunning view of a very beautiful lake, during winter this lake froze and tourist can use the surface of the lake for snowmobiling safely.                                                                        This cabin with 2 bunk beds in the basement and 6 beds in the loft, is one of our most beautiful Cabin in the area of Sautusjarvi -Kiruna.                                                                                                      The Cabin comes with a very beautiful and cozy Balcony to watch Northern Lights, small kitchen to cook an exquisite meal and big dining area to eat for 10 people under the aura of Northern Lights. you can enjoy grilling outside of the cabin, relax on benches specially designed with reindeer skin under the sky glimmering with Northern Lights.                                                              There is an outdoor toilet only a few steps walking out of the cabin and you need to use headlamp if you walk to the Toilet.  After a tiring snowmobile trip, you can relax in the Sauna which is just in front of the Cabin.                                                                      This place is so unspoiled & pristine in nature that there is no running water,  we drill a hole through the ice on the lake and leave you a bucket of water in the cabin for your usage.

To adventurous nature lover, We can teach how to drill and make your own water for Sauna.
The sauna is convenient enough for taking bath since there are no shower facilities.
An overnight snowmobile tour is also included with accommodation. Once you reached the airport or train station we will pick u up & drop you at the cabin for your relaxation. At night Snowmobile tour start, we recommend you dress properly for the occasion because it is very cold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  During this tour, we will snowmobile 4 to 5 hours in the wilderness catching the stunning view of the Northern Lights. The tour will end at the cabin where you will be served our specially cook meal around the bonfire The Salmon Soup.
After this tour, you will have a night to remember for the rest of your life. A night filled with memories of the spectacular show of The Northern Lights with the silence of nature & magical view of the sky.
Don’t be surprised if you are greeted by Moose or reindeer in the morning as they love to greet their neighbours.

Included in price: Overnight accommodation + Snowmobile tour + Dinner + both ways transfer (from Airport or Train Station)
Equipment for tour

Not included : your meal during the stay except dinner

Price: 3000 SEK per person/night